Business Application Softwares

by Mr. Shriniwas Tilak | 22nd May, 2020

Basically, a Business Application Software is a set of programs, used by the businesses to measure their productivity, to increase their productivity and to perform business functions accurately and effectively. To understand the Business Applications Software's and their need in current and future scenario, let us take a look at the history of the computing cultures.

As every one knows, first computer came in 1946 named as Eniac / Edisac, the decade of 1950's was the decade of trying the new 'Electronic Brains' to mechanize the routine factory procedures.

Decades of 1960's and 1970's, targeted towards Management Information Systems. Collecting and Organizing the data for centralized processing for analysis, was the main focus of automation.

Decade of 1980's and 1990's were the decades of nascent stages of the then called 'Systems Integration', where in connecting various brands and sizes of computers often installed in different divisions for better sharing of information.

Decade of 2000 was attuned to attain and to correct the problems of Y2K in the then available software's and patching the same for continuity. Along with this, the decade also saw the progress on internet and connectivity irrespective of geographical boundaries.

Till 2000, in all these earlier decades, IT Industry, world over, was busy in building and establishing the tools and tackles required for information building and processing. Late 1990s and early 2K, IT industry also started looking in building the software's which would be useful in business applications.

When one talks about Business Application Software's, they can be broadly classified in to two classes.

Tools, which can be used in generating, collecting and storing the data (Say Office Software's) and the software which were specifically designed to the specific purposes of the Business Processes in a standalone mode or in an integrated manner. ERP Software which, I talked about in my last article, available on LinkedIn and on Facebook at, is one of the business application software's.

From the functionality or scope point of view, Business application software can be classified as 'Standalone Software' or ERP Software.

Dedicated 'Standalone' software applications are those that are designed to address a specific single aspect of business operations, such as accounting, human resources, customer relationship management (CRM) etc. Each application is dedicated to just one area of your business, so it delivers focused approach to that segment. A variety of specific functions allow you to manipulate the data as needed to obtain the information you are looking for. Because these programs focus on a specific department / function, it is easy to find the data you need without having to shift through information from other areas or struggle with reports that don't tell you exactly what you need to know. Standalone software often offers more in depth reporting capabilities and advanced functions.

However, Standalone software programs do have their own drawbacks. Some of them are:

  • Since majority of the applications are designed based on vision and inputs of few people, they tend to have less functionality.
  • Since these applications are not integrated, they tend to create the islands of information.
  • Reaction time of such applications is very high and they are rigid to change.
  • Majority of the time, the applications designed are IT-Centric and not Business Centric.

On the other hand ERP Software is integrated in nature and designed based on the Standard Business Practices and Processes across the world.

We, at ShriSoft, deal in Designing, Developing and implementing both type of applications, Standalone Applications and ERP Applications.


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